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Using International Freight Forwarders

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R1004 Using International Freight Forwarders

Shippers are increasingly contracting with freight forwarders for their ocean and air transport procurement needs and rely on freight forwarders to handle much of their international logistics activities. The range of services and the requirements of shippers from freight forwarders are also becoming wider and more complex, and so are the related business contracts and practices.

With the assistance of shippers and former shipping and forwarding executives, Drewry's supply chain experts have researched and produced a new report Using International Freight Forwarders - Costs, Contracts and Best Practices, which Drewry believes fills an information gap in the market.

The report includes analyses and advice on:

  • The forwarding market structure, market sizes and segments
  • The value of forwarders to shippers, costs and best practices
  • The freight forwarder's business model
  • Profiles of 19 major international forwarders

Drewry's research Report identifies best practices in selecting and negotiating with freight forwarders and focuses on cost and contractual issues, including bankruptcy risks faced by shippers when using direct carriers or forwarders,

The Report is designed as a reference guide for current and potential users of freight forwarders, including both freight buyers and senior executives in charge of procurement strategy. Although the report focuses mainly on international forwarding, it also explains the increasingly blurred division and the links between forwarding services and contract logistics services among major forwarding and logistics groups.

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Contrary to popular myths, no major company’s international supply chains are fully-integrated from end to end.